CareZapp connecting people and services in transforming care and support at home.

Supporting or caring for people at home, whether as a result of ageing, disability or other needs?

CareZapp was made for you!

Our platform and mobile app enhances the services and supports provided by care and support staff.

Empowering teams and local supports to help people live the most independent life possible, improving their quality of life and providing peace of mind for families.

Increase client satisfaction and transparency

Communication and collaboration tools, connecting family, community supports and care professionals in caring and supporting greater independence.

Enhance services provided by valued caregivers

Access best-of-breed technologies; from the low costs sensors and connected devices to better inform care and support 24/7.

Improve outcomes and service referrals

Personalise a community of care and support among trusted local providers through our holistic collaborative platform.

Accessible everywhere!

CareZapp the support platform for home care.

Enabling more affordable care by connecting local communities of homecare providers, support organisations, healthcare professionals and others who care.