CareZapp is connecting people and services in transforming care and support at home for older adults and people living with disabilities.


As providers, you work hard to deliver the best care and support. CareZapp empowers your team and the wider community through new technologies to deliver even better supports and services to your clients and their families.


Near and far, connect family, community supports and care professionals in caring and supporting greater independence.

Increase client satisfaction, retention and transparency


Access best-of-breed technologies; from the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices to better inform care and support 24/7.

Enhance services provided by your valued caregivers through better insights


Personalise a community of care and support among trusted providers through our holistic collaborative platform.

Improve access, service referrals and outcomes

Together, deliver more affordable & effective outcomes

Home care providers

Improve communications, retention and transparency, be a vital cog in building personal networks of support and care for your clients. Providing increased opportunities to deliver new and enhanced services.

Support organisations

Helping you to deliver improved visibility and supports for services in your local community, village or town. Be closer; be connected, be part of the support and care at home solution.

Healthcare providers

From supporting medically assisted discharge and transitional care to getting better insight between visits, you can leverage a network of care to deliver better outcomes.

Caring support groups

CareZapp is working with support organisations to enable the creation of specialised groups to bring new innovative solutions to support care recipients, families and caregivers.


Featured media articles about CareZapp.


“This holistic platform enhances in-home caregiving, allowing patients to communicate with, not only their doctors, but their families and other similar patients to provide social support…”

“With digital health, the Internet of Things, and civil society, there’s a new opportunity for us to deliver a better way of caring for people at home…”

“CareZapp, whose technology allows caregivers to create networks of care to support people who require their help with a cloud-based platform for personalising plans…”

“Software that connects the home, community and technology; enabling networks of care to support the health and wellbeing of a loved one at home…”