Together transforming care and support at home

CareZapp is founded upon personal experiences of caring and with a purpose of connecting providers, caring people and smart technologies, empowering people to deliver better outcomes and more affordable care and support at home.

Globally care and support systems are facing a perfect storm, mounting financial pressures, lack of care workers and a changing demographic. Driving an inevitable impact on the quality and availability of services. For older and disabled people, and their families this means that accessing supports is increasingly disconnected and frustrating – as a result, the home is now care’s new frontier, where these challenges will only be met through new and innovative local delivery solutions.

Our platform and companion apps enable strong partnerships across the care and support continuum. Connecting community ecosystems among home care and service providers, caring professionals, caregivers, support workers, volunteers and families – to support new models of care.

Our leadership team brings significant domain knowledge and entrepreneurial experience through growth and exits in previous health tech startups. Now building the trusted support platform for care at home, with the vision of – Together transforming care and support at home, in communities around the globe.


If you are really really passionate about supporting people who provide and/or need care and support at home and you have a specific skill set to help us, then we would love to hear from you!