Together transforming care and support at home

CareZapp is built upon personal experiences of caring and driven by the purpose of enabling our customers to utilise technology in enhancing the lives of the people they support, delivering better outcomes at more affordable costs.

Whether care and support is required as a result of ageing, disability or other needs, it is a global challenge, that will be met through local opportunity – making the home care’s new frontier.

At CareZapp, we are building the trusted support platform for care at home. Aiming for strong partnerships across the care and support continuum and among local ecosystems of service providers, technology partners, caring professionals, support workers, volunteers, families and caregivers.

Our leadership brings significant domain knowledge and entrepreneurial experience through growth and exits in previous health tech startups, and drive the vision that by working together we can transform care and support at home, in communities around the globe.


If you are really really passionate about supporting people who provide and/or need care and support at home and you have a specific skill set to help us, then we would love to hear from you!