A collaborative platform for support and care at home

Transform communications, coordination and empower those who support and care

Enabling people to communicate, collaborate and be kept informed in a safe and secure manner, about their own or a loved one’s support and care is the foundation of transforming care at home – so we have made care groups a core feature of CareZapp.

Care Groups are for conversations and insights that are open to all group members. Group members can also direct message (DM) another member of the same group for private conversations. Group coordinators invite people to join a care group by invitation or referral only. Group coordinators can also DM another care group or broadcast a message to the network of care.


Near and far, connect caregivers to share the care and bring peace of mind

By setting up multiple care groups such as home care, family, family doctor, pharmacy, care providers can build a personalised and holistic network of care. Remove the communication barriers that traditionally exist between those who can support and care, connecting the various care groups in a meaningful and powerful way like never seen before.

Access smarter support and care, enable better insights and support 24/7/365

Access smart care-apps to personalise and enhance your support and care services, aggregating real-time information and data within an integrated, multifaceted care platform.

CareZapp combines an agnostic approach to technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) with multi-modal sensor data acquisition, aggregation, pattern recognition and inference, to support predictive and preventative services.



Provide always on real-time insights into daily activities by utilising data from inexpensive sensors within the home. Notifying caregivers when a care recipient may need some extra help or assistance.

CareZapp - Activity

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Enable continuous tracking of health data from the comfort of home. Setup care parameters and trigger meaningful notifications within a secure network of care.

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Personalise support and care at home

Personalise each network of care with your trusted care supports through a collaborative platform for home care and support. Enable family caregivers to build their own supports and connections.

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For those who require some additional support and care, CareZapp means greater independence in a place called home…

How much does CareZapp cost?

The CareZapp platform is available to home care providers, community-based support services, health care organisations based on a monthly subscription. For individuals and family caregivers CareZapp is available as a FREE app for iOS and Android devices.

CareZapp Information Sheet

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