The trusted support platform for care and support at home

Home care providers, community-based support services, health and social care organisations utilise CareZapp to help people live the most independent life possible, improving their quality of life and providing peace of mind for families.

CareZapp is a technology enabled support platform for care at home, that connects existing care and supports services, rather than seeking to replicate or replace them. Enabling caring people and communities to work together through smart technologies in delivering more affordable and positive outcomes.

CONNECT: Connections that empower those who care

Connect caregivers and others who can support, whether near or far. Creating a community of common interest by linking people with groups such as; home care, support workers, family, friends and neighbours, centred on the recipient, the client, a loved one.

Our simple, secure communication and collaboration tools enable typically disjointed groups to work together in meaningful and powerful ways – increasing client satisfaction, service transparency and peace of mind for families.

INFORM: Enable more support and better insights 24/7/365

In an environment where caregivers are in short supply, bring added value to your existing teams by utilising our platform and care applications to personalise and enhance services, and support new predictive and preventative services into the future.

Leverage low-cost in-home sensors and devices (the Internet of Things – IoT, digital health and other information sources). Aggregating real-time data utilised within our applications and intelligence engine to provide meaningful notifications, alerts and insights on a 24/7 year-round basis.


Provide real-time insights into daily activities or overnight supports by utilising data from inexpensive sensors within the home. Based on customisable rules, notify caregivers, support workers or family when a care recipient may need some extra help or assistance.

Learn more – Kinsale Community Response to Dementia (KCoRD) case study.

Video: A client’s perspective (Duration 4:30)


Enable continuous tracking of health data from the comfort of home, either manually or automatically. Setup individual care parameters and trigger meaningful notifications for groups within a secure network of care.

Learn more – Hospital at home – Transitional Care – Medically Assisted Early Discharge case study.

Video: A customer’s experience (Duration 2:43)

DISCOVER: Personalise the care and support offered

Provide access to trusted support providers through our collaborative platform. Empower clients and service users to personalise their network of care and support. Addressing people’s needs in a holistic way, such as accessing – transport services, meals, local pharmacies, social activities, befriending and much more. Improving service referrals and generating positive outcomes.

Connect to your existing care management systems

CareZapp provides an application programming interface (API) enabling integration with your existing care management and administrative software systems. Allowing you to securely share information and improve transparency within a personal network of care, such as care notes, scheduled visit times, scheduled people and other real-time information – keep clients and family members connected and differentiate your service.

CareZapp Platform Availability

CareZapp is working with a select number of innovative providers at this time. The platform will be more widely available to care and support providers, and community-based services soon.  Contact us to discuss your requirements or apply to join our innovative providers.